Geek Stars – Infographic

By | October 8, 2013
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“Geek” is a commonly used slang referring to an extraordinary intellectual person having a peculiar hobby or interest. This term originated from English dialect geck, meaning fool, freaky or simply crazy. The term “Geek” and “Nerd” are often used as synonyms however there is a little difference between the two. Initially “Geek” was used in circuses for the simpleton performers who would bite off live animals or insects, whereas, nerd originated from Dr. Suess’ book, “a nerkle, a nerd and a seersucker too” which meant stupid.

Geeks are quite interesting, genius people who are creative, innovative and remain involved with strange hobbies. People call them nuts but in reality Geeks are close to making new discoveries. Geeks are incredibly smart and come up with revolutionary ideas. They are cool as cucumbers and have their own style statement. No matter what they do, they own it! Everyone fantasizes geeks though they may not accept it on their faces but inside we all admire their calm nature and impressive designs. Geeks usually have a pleasant personality. A pinch of weirdness makes Geeks rule the world like a boss!

Geek Stars

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